May 292014

Here is the final newslet­ter for the school year! Thank you all for a won­der­ful school year filled with a lot of fond memories!

The PTA board would like to wish you and your fam­i­lies a safe, fun, and happy sum­mer! Enjoy the good times and good food and we will see you in 2 months time!


May 282014

At today’s WOW assem­bly, the stu­dents and teach­ers sang and per­formed to the pop­u­lar Frozen hit, “Let It Go”. Enjoy and have a safe summer!

Liholiho’s ren­di­tion of “Let It Go” from Liholiho Laulima on Vimeo.

And as a bonus, here is a flash­back of the flash mob that the teach­ers per­formed at the final WOW assem­bly 2 years ago! Enjoy this as well!

Liholiho Teach­ers and Staff Flash Mob from Liholiho Laulima on Vimeo.

May 282014

If you haven’t done so already, please return your PTA Elec­tion bal­lots to your child’s teacher tomor­row! On the bal­lot was a vote for the new offi­cers as well as approval of next school year’s budget.

If you have any ques­tions, please feel free to con­tact us. Thank you!

May 272014

Tues­day, May 27
Liholiho Library
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Dis­cus­sion & demon­stra­tion of pro­grams
7:00 pm – 7:30 pm Q & A

Mr. Nakashima and Ms. Gal­lagher will be dis­cussing some of the great web-based ser­vices that your child can use at home dur­ing the sum­mer, to brush up on his/her math, lan­guage arts, read­ing, sci­ence, and social stud­ies skills.

May 162014

Thank you to every­one who attended the PTA Gen­eral Mem­ber­ship Meet­ing yesterday.

A big thank you and mahalo goes out to our exit­ing board mem­bers, thank you very much for your ser­vice and all you have done for the school!
Ken Aronowitz (Fundrais­ing)
Mira­sol Domingo (Decem­ber GMM)
Ayumi Yamane and Kamalani Wehrsig (Fundrais­ing)
Lind­say Robi­son (Teacher Rep.)
Melissa Toy­ooka (Spe­cial Activ­i­ties)
Allie Sato (President)

We would also like to wel­come the fol­low­ing peo­ple to their new PTA Board posi­tions!
Shayna Kusumoto and Alan Aloiau (Interim Co-Presidents)
Arlene Liao (Interim Mem­ber­ship)
Liane Kondo (Interim Secretary/Donations)
Scott and Staci Yoshi­hara (Decem­ber GMM)
Jenny Sung (Spe­cial Activ­i­ties)
Sachi Mat­sushita (Hos­pi­tal­ity)
Lisa Darcey (Teacher Rep)

We also have the fol­low­ing peo­ple run­ning for offi­cer posi­tions.
Shelby Ozaki (Trea­surer)
Ko Kuroda (Fundrais­ing)
Kristy Tong (Fundraising)

If you are a PTA mem­ber, a bal­lot should have been sent home to you to vote in new mem­bers to the PTA Board as well as approve the upcom­ing year’s bud­get! If you haven’t received it, please let us know!

We also hoped that you enjoyed the Gr. 2 play (Aesop’s Fables)! Weren’t they just awe­some? Thank you to the Gr. 2 teach­ers (Kawa­mura, Lopes, and Yee) for spend­ing extra time prac­tic­ing, cos­tume design­ing, and help­ing all the Gr. 2 stu­dents look great!

Two more weeks until summer!