Bottle Cap Recycling

Good morn­ing!

Liholi­ho Ele­men­tary School is col­lect­ing the plas­tic cov­ers from water bot­tles, sports drinks and soda con­tain­ers. Those plas­tic bot­tle caps are often times thrown away and they end up in our ocean. Birds bring them back to their nests and feed them to their young. The plas­tic caps also wash up on our shores and break down into tiny pieces of plas­tic and they pol­lute our beau­ti­ful shores.

Accept­ed are caps and lids with the sym­bol 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE) or 5 (PP). These include caps from drinks, sham­poo, food prod­ucts, deter­gent, med­i­cine, sup­ple-ments, spray cans, tooth­paste and cof­fee cans.

Not accept­ed are met­al, Sty­ro­foam or clear lid cov­ers from drink­ing cups, pumps or sprayers, and any caps that are dirty.

Please rinse them out and bring them to Liholi­ho and we will be hap­py to recy­cle them. Please don’t throw them away. You can send them in with your child and label it: “To: Mrs. John­son” or place them in my mail­box in the school office.


    • Seiko Wang on October 5, 2013 at 3:02 pm
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    Mrs. John­son,

    I have a back­et­ful of caps since I was col­lect­ing for KCC. Because I heard once that 500 caps pay 1 immu­niza­tion for a child. Any­how, I have not sent them to KCC and the caps has been sit­ting in our yard a year or so they have red dirt on them, not juice or food. I will clean as much as I can but could you take them? I would like to know what you are plan­ning to use the caps for, too.

    thank you

    Seiko Wang(My son is Kai Wang, 3rd Grade)

    1. Hi Ms. Wang,

      Yes, I’m sure Mrs. John­son will be hap­py to hear that you have so many caps to recy­cle. I don’t think we receive any­thing for the caps, but we do pre­vent wildlife from harmed from the bot­tle caps. Please make sure that there are no met­al caps in your col­lec­tion.

      Would you be able to bring it into school in small­er batch­es using plas­tic bags? Or do you need assis­tance with them?

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