Gift Giving Guidelines

Hel­lo Liholi­ho Ohana,

As the school year comes to an end, some of you may be think­ing about giv­ing some­thing to your child’s teacher and/or staff. Please remem­ber, it is not nec­es­sary and by no means do any of the employ­ees expect gifts from the stu­dents and fam­i­lies who attend Liholi­ho. How­ev­er, if you feel com­pelled to give some­thing to your child’s teacher and/or staff mem­ber, please remem­ber the fol­low­ing State Ethics Commission’s gift guide­lines:

1. The state’s gift guide­lines pro­vide that the fol­low­ing are accept­able (These guide­lines may not apply for employ­ees whose offi­cial duties include pro­cure­ment):

Gifts of Alo­ha” — mod­est gifts of nom­i­nal val­ue tra­di­tion­al­ly giv­en as part of Hawai­ian cul­ture as a ges­ture of alo­ha or good­will such as a flower lei or a box of cook­ies to share with the office — and oth­er gifts of nom­i­nal val­ue such as small pro­mo­tion­al busi­ness items (e.g. pens with com­pa­ny logo).

Meals and “Food and Drink” types of events val­ued at under $25. This lim­it applies to the whole event.

What does this means is? Please keep your gift val­ue under $25.

Thank you!

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