Turkey Trot Results

Thank you everyone for your patience!  We are proud to announce that we raised $8,249.40 from the Turkey Trot!  This could not be accomplished without the generous support of the friends and family of our Liholiho Ohana.  The top athletes and fundraisers in each grade level were recognized at the WOW assembly.  The top class in each grade level will be awarded with TEN extra minutes of recess at a date to be determined.  Again, CONGRATULATIONS to our top finishers and to ALL of our keiki who participated in this event!!!

Most Laps

Grade Laps Student Name
Pre-K 16 Hoto
K 10 Shiloh
K 10 Parker
K 10 Alex
1 14 Al
1 14 Kazuki
2 16 Alvin
2 16 Keita
3 22 Aina
4 21 Yuto
4 21 Jayden
5 22 Daichi
5 22 Kenzie
5 22 Cody

Most $$ Raised

Grade Student Name
Pre-K Skyston
K Hunter
K Lily
1 Brynn
2 Logan
3 Cade
4 Mio
5 Jasmine

Top Participation Rate in Each Grade Level -> EXTRA 10 minutes of RECESS!!

GradeParticipation RateTeacher

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