Reflections Art Contest Reminder

Reflections Art Contest Reminder

Hello Liholiho Ohana!

Are you ready for Fall Break?  If you’re not going on a trip, then Fall Break is a great time to do some fun artwork to enter into the PTA Reflections Art contest!  Entries are due on Friday, October 18 to the school office.  Our school is participating in the Visual Arts and Photography categories.  This year’s theme is “Look Within”.

Here are the steps:

  1. Have your child think about the theme “Look Within” and what it means to them.
  2. Have them take a picture or create artwork in 2D or 3D.
    • For the Photography category: Students may simply borrow your phone to take a picture capturing the theme.  Make a print of the photo and mount it on a sturdy material like cardboard.  Here are the complete photography rules: Photography Rules.
    • For the Visual Arts category: Students may draw, paint, sculpt, do fiber work, make a collage, do a computer generated image, and much more!  Have fun with it!  Click here for the complete visual arts rules: Visual Arts Rules
    • General rules are located here: General Rules and Entry Form
  3. Print and fill out an entry form
    The entry form is on the last page of the General Rules and Entry Form document.  If you need a printed entry form, please email us at
  4. Turn it in
    Artwork and entry forms are due on Friday October 18 to the school office.

Please also visit our Reflections webpage for Special Artist rules as well as info on the Theme Suggestion contest.

Winning entries will go on to compete at a Regional level.  From there, they can advance to State and National levels!

Have fun being creative and enjoy Fall Break everyone!

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