Sep 222014

It’s another exciting new year at Liholiho Elementary, and we have a new opportunity to present to you.  We realize that many families are busy and don’t have time to fundraise throughout the year. If you would rather donate directly to the school up front rather than participate in other fundraisers, you can do that here. Making your donation through Give Aloha is even better, as Foodland matches a percentage of it.

Monies donated to the PTA goes directly back to the school.  Thank you very much for your consideration and please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions!



Sep 112014

Hi everyone,

Here is the September issue of the Liholiho newsletter. Thank you to Khristy A., Sheri M., and Shayna K. for their hard work in getting this newsletter out!

Also thank you to all the Gr. Pre-K – 2 families that came out yesterday for the Open House!  We hope you enjoyed visiting your child’s classroom and their great teachers!

One more note is that the PTA membership forms are due tomorrow (9/12/2014) to count towards your child’s classroom pizza party!  The class with the most PTA memberships will win a pizza party!  You can download your PTA membership form here!

Thank you!


Sep 052014

Please consider participating in this event!  The money (plus an additional percentage matched by Foodland and Western Union) comes back to Liholiho for teachers’ salaries and school equipment!  Thank you!


What is the Give Aloha Program?

Give Aloha is a donation program that benefits schools of choice. During the month of September, when you shop at Foodland you can donate to Liholiho. Western Union and Foodland will match part of every donation.

Why make a Give Aloha donation to Liholiho school?

Donate through Give Aloha to Liholiho to retain current teachers, staff, and programs, and provide your child(ren) with good education and safety. If every Liholiho family donates $100 (maximum of $249 for each Maika‘i card holder account) in September when shopping at Foodland, we will be able to raise enough funds in 2014-15 to pay for:

  • Part time teachers, which allows for smaller class sizes
  • KIDBIZ 3000 literacy program, which has helped raise reading test scores at Liholiho
  • Lunchroom Supervisors
  • Physical Education, and Music programs and teachers

When Can I Donate?

You can donate to Liholiho any time you are shopping at Foodland between September 1st – 30th, 2014!

How do I participate?

Present your Maika‘i Card at any Foodland checkout or customer service desk and tell the cashier that you would like to make a donation (cash, check, charge or debit card) of up to $249 to Liholiho Elementary School, Organization Code #77919. If you don’t have a Maika‘i card, simply give your phone number to the cashier, who will process your donation and arrange to have one provided for you later.

ASK THE CASHIER TO GIVE YOU TWO RECEIPTS that will include the amount you donated to Liholiho School. Keep the original receipt for tax deduction purposes and attach the other copy of the receipt to the class donation form. The class donation forms will be sent home on September 1st. Your child and your child’s class will get credit for every receipt attached when the form is returned to the homeroom teacher.

Am I the only person who can make donations on behalf of our family?

No, your relatives, friends, or neighbors can also donate to Liholiho School when they shop at Foodland. They should give you the copy of their receipt, which you can attach to your child’s class donation form and have your child get credit for the donation.

Sep 052014


Attached to this post you will find some flyers regarding next week’s Open House, the T-shirt design contest, and the PTA membership flyer.  You should have received these forms in your child’s folder yesterday.  Have a good weekend!

Grs. Pre-K-2 Open House

T-shirt Design Contest Flyer

PTA Membership Flyer


Aug 042014

Hello and welcome back to school!  We hope that your child(ren) enjoyed the summer and is ready for another fun and educational year at Liholiho Elementary!

The wonderful faculty and staff at the school have been preparing their classrooms and taking workshops during the week prior to the start of school, so they are ready to teach your children!

Below you will find two flyers.  The first one is the Liholiho August Lunch menu and the second is the PTA Membership form.  By joining the PTA, you are able to vote during our board elections as well as approve next year’s school budget!  All the money raised from PTA activities go back to the school!

You will find the latest news and updates here regarding the Liholiho PTA.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions using the Contact Form!  We would like to thank you in advance for the support you will provide the PTA and the school and we hope that you have a spectacular year!

Liholiho Laulima PTA Board

2014AugMenu              MembershipDriveFlyer

May 292014

Here is the final newsletter for the school year! Thank you all for a wonderful school year filled with a lot of fond memories!

The PTA board would like to wish you and your families a safe, fun, and happy summer! Enjoy the good times and good food and we will see you in 2 months time!


May 282014

If you haven’t done so already, please return your PTA Election ballots to your child’s teacher tomorrow! On the ballot was a vote for the new officers as well as approval of next school year’s budget.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

May 162014

Thank you to everyone who attended the PTA General Membership Meeting yesterday.

A big thank you and mahalo goes out to our exiting board members, thank you very much for your service and all you have done for the school!
Ken Aronowitz (Fundraising)
Mirasol Domingo (December GMM)
Ayumi Yamane and Kamalani Wehrsig (Fundraising)
Lindsay Robison (Teacher Rep.)
Melissa Toyooka (Special Activities)
Allie Sato (President)

We would also like to welcome the following people to their new PTA Board positions!
Shayna Kusumoto and Alan Aloiau (Interim Co-Presidents)
Arlene Liao (Interim Membership)
Liane Kondo (Interim Secretary/Donations)
Scott and Staci Yoshihara (December GMM)
Jenny Sung (Special Activities)
Sachi Matsushita (Hospitality)
Lisa Darcey (Teacher Rep)

We also have the following people running for officer positions.
Shelby Ozaki (Treasurer)
Ko Kuroda (Fundraising)
Kristy Tong (Fundraising)

If you are a PTA member, a ballot should have been sent home to you to vote in new members to the PTA Board as well as approve the upcoming year’s budget! If you haven’t received it, please let us know!

We also hoped that you enjoyed the Gr. 2 play (Aesop’s Fables)! Weren’t they just awesome? Thank you to the Gr. 2 teachers (Kawamura, Lopes, and Yee) for spending extra time practicing, costume designing, and helping all the Gr. 2 students look great!

Two more weeks until summer!

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