Nov 042017

Please click on images below to view PDF files for: Box Tops Con­test Update, Tiki’s Fam­i­ly Fun Cen­ter Fun-rais­ing Card, Kaha­la Mall Very Mer­ry Event.

There was also a HI DOE pam­phlet on Act 206 regard­ing restraints and seclu­sion.

(Grade lev­el and class-relat­ed fly­ers not includ­ed here)

Thank you!

Box Tops Contest Update Tikis Family Fun Center Kahala Mall Very Merry Event

Oct 262017

Hel­lo Liholi­ho Ohana,

Just a friend­ly reminder to turn in Hal­loween Movie night forms by tomor­row (Fri­day, Octo­ber 27). Movie night is Mon­day night Octo­ber 30th. Dress up in your Hal­loween cos­tume and enjoy the movie with friends!

Halloween Movie Night

Oct 062017

Just one fly­er this time. This is for the Liholi­ho Hal­loween Parade on Octo­ber 31 at 12:45 pm. It’s host­ed by the Liholi­ho Stu­dent Coun­cil and the theme is “Past, Present, and Future”. There will be a cos­tume con­test as well! Click below for details. Time to start think­ing about cos­tumes!

Have a fun and safe Fall Break every­one! Don’t for­get — stu­dents are also off on Mon­day Octo­ber 16, so see you back at school on Tues­day the 17th!

Halloween Parade

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