May 162014

Thank you to everyone who attended the PTA General Membership Meeting yesterday.

A big thank you and mahalo goes out to our exiting board members, thank you very much for your service and all you have done for the school!
Ken Aronowitz (Fundraising)
Mirasol Domingo (December GMM)
Ayumi Yamane and Kamalani Wehrsig (Fundraising)
Lindsay Robison (Teacher Rep.)
Melissa Toyooka (Special Activities)
Allie Sato (President)

We would also like to welcome the following people to their new PTA Board positions!
Shayna Kusumoto and Alan Aloiau (Interim Co-Presidents)
Arlene Liao (Interim Membership)
Liane Kondo (Interim Secretary/Donations)
Scott and Staci Yoshihara (December GMM)
Jenny Sung (Special Activities)
Sachi Matsushita (Hospitality)
Lisa Darcey (Teacher Rep)

We also have the following people running for officer positions.
Shelby Ozaki (Treasurer)
Ko Kuroda (Fundraising)
Kristy Tong (Fundraising)

If you are a PTA member, a ballot should have been sent home to you to vote in new members to the PTA Board as well as approve the upcoming year’s budget! If you haven’t received it, please let us know!

We also hoped that you enjoyed the Gr. 2 play (Aesop’s Fables)! Weren’t they just awesome? Thank you to the Gr. 2 teachers (Kawamura, Lopes, and Yee) for spending extra time practicing, costume designing, and helping all the Gr. 2 students look great!

Two more weeks until summer!

Apr 032014

Good morning,

Thank you to all who have volunteered so far with the beach cleanup.  As of this writing, we have 34 volunteers and we are still looking for more!

If you do have some free time on Saturday morning, join us in cleaning up our beautiful beaches!  You can email and RSVP!

Thank you!

Apr 022014

Good morning!

We are still looking for families, friends, and relatives to assist us with this event.  We currently have 21 people signed up for this event but need at least 100 people to help pick up the trash and debris on the beach before the pollute our beautiful ocean!  Ice cold drinks will be provided and cleanup is only two short hours, the PTA will be receiving $1,000 that can be used towards the school


Thank you!

Apr 012014

Good morning Liholiho families!

We are still looking for more volunteers to help us out with our beach cleanup on Saturday morning!!  We need at least 100 volunteers to help us beautify Hawaii’s beaches and this is a perfect opportunity to help raise money for the PTA and also perform some community service!

Thank you for your consideration!


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