Give Aloha
Mar 152017

Hi Liholiho Parents!

How quickly the school year flies by! We are very close to the end of this school year and would like to thank you all for your support of Liholiho and its PTA. We are very close to reaching our financial goal this year due to the PTA events such as Give Aloha, Fun Fair, Kona Ice, Walk-a-thon, CPK Night, and the upcoming Read-a-thon!

We are now in the process of looking for 10 positive, motivated, fun, caring adults to help us fill some positions on next year’s PTA board. We hold board meetings once a month and they usually run about 1 hour to 1.5 hours long and there is always delicious potluck food! Child care is also available on meeting nights!

Attached you will find our PTA openings for next year and their descriptions. They are:

Membership (VP1)
Fundraising (VP2, 3, 4, & 5)
March General Membership Meeting Chairperson
May General Membership Meeting Chairperson
Special Activities Chairperson
Hospitality Chairperson

Please consider filling a position and you will learn how great Liholiho, along with its teachers, staff, parents, and students, really is! You are welcome to nominate yourself or someone you know, they do not have to be a parent at this school.

Should you have questions, please email

Thank you for your consideration!
Nominations Committee
(Jocelyn, Tricia, Shelby, Lawrence)

PTA Board Member Nominations Flyer

Apr 072016


We are looking for parents to help fill some empty spots on our PTA board!  A link is provided below that will direct you to a PDF nomination flyer with the position vacancies and descriptions.

Please feel free to nominate yourself or someone you know who you would love to assist the school, teacher, staff, and the students!

Should you have any questions, click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.

Thank you!

2016 PTA Nominations Flyer

Mar 302016


We are currently looking for volunteers to fill vacant positions in next school year’s PTA board!

If yourself or someone you know would like to join our board, please contact us and we can provide more information to you! For the next school year, we will have the following positions open on the board:

December Meeting Chair
Special Activities

Being on the board is not only a rewarding/exciting experience for yourself, but for your child as well. Please feel free to email us at with any questions you may have or if you’d like to nominate yourself, a friend, or family member! Thank you!

May 282015

Hi everyone!

At yesterday’s May General Membership Meeting, we introduced the incoming officers and committee chairs for the school years 2015 -2017!  We are excited for them and are certain they will do an excellent job as your new PTA board members!

We also forgot to mention that because Arlene will be the new PTA President and will be vacating her 1st VP – Membership post, we are looking for nominations for this position! If you are interested, please contact us and we will be more than happy to fill you in on how easy it is to fill this position and your required duties!

Also, because the end of the year is next week and there won’t be time for an official election, next year’s executive board will vote to elect our new Membership VP.  This post serves as notice of such an event.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you!

Nominations Committee

Mar 252015

Good afternoon!

Just a few announcments today..

The CPK Fundraiser is today!  Don’t forget to bring your flyer to the Kahala CPK when you place your order.  If you are pressed for time, you can order online here for later pickup:

Don’t forget to turn in your Spring Read-a-thon packets by Monday, March 30th!  The top 10 students will have a yummy pizza lunch with Mrs. Small!

The Hapalua is a little over 2 weeks away!  If you are interested in participating, please view instructions here:

And finally, Nominations!!!  If you haven’t done so and would like to nominate yourself or someone you know who would LOVE to help the school and the students, please turn in the PTA nomination form by Friday, March 27th!

Thank you and enjoy your Prince Kuhio Day tomorrow!

Mar 062015

Hello again from the Nominations Committee!

By now you should have received a blue Nominations form in your child’s Thursday folder.  Please take a moment of your time to look at the form (both front and back) and consider nominating someone who you think would help our PTA and school grow and flourish!

Unfortunately, we haven’t received any nominations at this time, but we are hopeful that many of you will return the flyer to us with potential candidates!

Serving on the PTA board can be a rich and rewarding experience.  You learn so much more about the school, faculty, and staff and the decisions that they must face every school year.  There is also the support of fellow PTA parents should you have any questions and/or concerns.  But most of all, your child will be proud knowing that you were their “PTA parent” during their elementary years!

Please nominate yourself or someone you know for a position!  Thank you!


Feb 202015


It is quite hard for us to believe that the year has flown by so quickly!  We are a little over 3 months away before the end of the school year!

One thing the PTA board needs to take care of on an annual basis is the recruitment of new PTA board members, who are enthusiastic about helping the school and our students achieve more!

I can personally tell you (Lawrence the web guy, here) that it has been a very fun and rewarding experience for me.  The group of individuals that make up the board are an incredibly talented and hard-working bunch!  I have really enjoyed working with ALL of them for the past 5 years (through school furloughs, school consolidations, and a spectacular Fun Fair) and I look forward to continue working with them next year!

Unfortunately, parents need to leave the board due to their child graduating or personal obligations they need to fulfill and we do need to address these vacancies.

WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP in filling these vacancies! If yourself or someone you know would like to join our board, please contact us and we can provide more information to you! For the next school year, we will have the following positions open on the board:

May Meeting Chair
March Meeting Chair

Thank you for making it this far into the message! Please feel free to contact us or email with any questions you may have or if you’d like to nominate yourself, a friend, or family member!

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