May 282014

At today’s WOW assembly, the students and teachers sang and performed to the popular Frozen hit, “Let It Go”. Enjoy and have a safe summer!

Liholiho’s rendition of “Let It Go” from Liholiho Laulima on Vimeo.

And as a bonus, here is a flashback of the flash mob that the teachers performed at the final WOW assembly 2 years ago! Enjoy this as well!

Liholiho Teachers and Staff Flash Mob from Liholiho Laulima on Vimeo.

Feb 242014

To all the parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, etc.

Thank you very much for helping us make the Liholiho PTA Fun Fair the success that it was on Saturday! Without your help, we could not have pulled this off!

We are fortunate to have such wonderful parents and volunteers assist the us with the setup and clean up of the Fair! All the brains and brawns on this campus would give MENSA and any NFL football team a run for their money! Thank you so much again, we could not have done any of this without you!

We would like to thank the students also for convincing/dragging/forcing their parents to give up their Saturday to come to our Fun Fair! The money you spent at the fair as well as the very generous drink donations will help support Liholiho with equipment upgrades, campus maintenance, and part-time teachers’ salaries!

We’d also like to thank the teachers for their hard work on the games and the staff for their support and assistance behind the scenes! They both played a vital part in this fair!

If you enjoyed this event and would like to assist us with future events, please contact us and join our PTA board! We are looking for people to fill seats that will be vacated at the end of this year.

One last thing is that if you’d like to share pictures of the event, you could post your pictures on Instagram or Facebook (make sure that pictures are made “Public”) and use #LiholihoFunFair!! Since Derek and I were running around, we missed a lot of the smiling and happy faces of families and we would LOVE to see many more pictures!! I’m sure other families would appreciate it as well!


Oh, and here are some links to the view some video footage from KITV (Thank you Lynn N.)!

And I’m so sorry.. one last item.. I promise!  We have created a follow up survey about this year’s Fun Fair and we would appreciate it if you could fill it out and tell us your thoughts about what was great and what wasn’t great.  You can find the survey here:

Many thanks and our deepest gratitude to you all,
Derek and Lawrence

Sep 062013

Dur­ing Sep­tem­ber, Maika‘i cus­tomers are invited to make a dona­tion of up to $249 (per per­son, per orga­ni­za­tion) at check­out. Food­land matches a por­tion of each dona­tion. This year, Food­land and the West­ern Union Foun­da­tion will match each dona­tion up to a total of $350,000 for all orga­ni­za­tions combined.

Last year we raised a total of $9,800 from donations with a matching $2,200 donation! We hope to exceed that goal this year!

Click on the flyer AND video below for more infor­ma­tion!!! Thank you for your dona­tion as it will help sup­port many impor­tant pro­grams here at Liholiho!


Liholiho Foodland Give Aloha 2013 from David Kusumoto on Vimeo.

Foodland Give Aloha (Nihongo) 2013 from Liholiho Laulima on Vimeo.

Apr 232013

Good morning,

If anyone is interested,  tonight is the new episode of “Sports People Hawaii” which feature Kelly Majam and possibly some of the Mrs. Kaya’s Gr. 1 students from Liholiho.

The show will be on OC16 (ch. 12 or 1012) and I believe that the show starts at 7:30P.

Thank you!

Apr 122013

Good morning!

This past Wednesday, Liholiho was visited by Howard Dashefsky who hosts a show on OC16 called “Sports People Hawaii”.  They were there to interview Kelly Majam student teaching at the school and Mrs. Kaya’s grade 1 class was fortunate enough to be part of this taping.

Ms. Majam was also interviewed for the Leahy and Leahy show on that same day.

Here are the air dates for the shows:

Have a good weekend!

Mar 142013

For those of you who may have missed it, we do have a treat for you!  Goldilocks & the 3 Bears – Liholiho Style was performed last night at the March General Membership meeting by our talented teachers and staff! Thank you for giving the Kindergarteners and their parents a good chuckle last night!

Narrator & Story Writer – Mrs. Christina Small (Principal)
Papa Bear – Mr. Peter Nakashima (Computer teacher)
Mama Bear – Mr. Fred Magnenat (Gr. 5)
Baby Bear – Ms. Katie Muller (Gr. K)
Voice of Goldilocks – Ms. Lori Shimizu (ELL)
Goldilocks – Ms. Lindsay Robison (Gr. 1)

Enjoy and apologies for the poor video quality!

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears – Liholiho Style from Liholiho Laulima on Vimeo.

Liholiho's rendition of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears, written by Mrs. Christina Small!

Dec 142012

Well the winter break is just about to start for all the students and we hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday season!  Enjoy your time spent with family and friends and we’ll see you all back in school on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013!

If you missed the PTA Membership meeting, here is a clip from the PTA board performing “Santa Style”!  Thanks to Mr. Ken Aronowitz for the lyrics and choreography!

Santa Style – Liholiho Laulima PTA from Liholiho Laulima on Vimeo.

Nov 132012

Hi everyone,

Thank you to David and Shayna Kusumoto for putting together a wonderful video showcasing the highlights of the Food and Fitness Day event that was held on October 19.

Enjoy and have a great week!

Liholiho Food Day & Fitness Fair from David Kusumoto on Vimeo.

Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. To celebrate Food Day (which is officially October 24), Liholiho is hosting a Food & Fitness Fair for students and their families on Friday, October 19, 2012. The goals were 1) to introduce students to a variety of vegetables and teach parents various ways of preparing them 2) to encourage active lifestyles and fun ways to grow strong and healthy kids and families. It was a great success.

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