Apr 072014

Aloha All,

 I wanted to personally reach out to all who helped and thank you all for making this a successful event for the PTA, our school and most of all the environment.  Thank you very much!
I wanted to personally reach out a thanks to Scott Yoshihara, Arlene Liao, Iris Salazar and (The best fun fair co-chair in the world) Lawrence So for taking on the responsibility of pulling off this beach clean up.  I appreciate all your hard work.
Thank you also to all of the families who took time from their busy Saturday morning to come out to the beach and help us with the clean up effort.
I will be working with Matson to close out the event and they have asked for some pictures to recap the event.  If any of you took pictures this weekend, please feel free to send them on to me.  DISCLAIMER – I don’t know what Matson will use them for so if you would not like to send them on, no problem.
Thanks again for your hard work!
Apr 032014

Good morning,

Thank you to all who have volunteered so far with the beach cleanup.  As of this writing, we have 34 volunteers and we are still looking for more!

If you do have some free time on Saturday morning, join us in cleaning up our beautiful beaches!  You can email fundraising@liholiholaulima.org and RSVP!

Thank you!

Apr 022014

Good morning!

We are still looking for families, friends, and relatives to assist us with this event.  We currently have 21 people signed up for this event but need at least 100 people to help pick up the trash and debris on the beach before the pollute our beautiful ocean!  Ice cold drinks will be provided and cleanup is only two short hours, the PTA will be receiving $1,000 that can be used towards the school

RSVP at fundraising@liholiholaulima.org

Thank you!

Apr 012014

Good morning Liholiho families!

We are still looking for more volunteers to help us out with our beach cleanup on Saturday morning!!  We need at least 100 volunteers to help us beautify Hawaii’s beaches and this is a perfect opportunity to help raise money for the PTA and also perform some community service!

Thank you for your consideration!


Oct 022013

Good morning!

Liholiho Ele­men­tary School is col­lect­ing the plas­tic cov­ers from water bot­tles, sports drinks and soda con­tain­ers. Those plas­tic bot­tle caps are often times thrown away and they end up in our ocean. Birds bring them back to their nests and feed them to their young. The plas­tic caps also wash up on our shores and break down into tiny pieces of plas­tic and they pol­lute our beau­ti­ful shores.

Accepted are caps and lids with the sym­bol 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE) or 5 (PP). These include caps from drinks, sham­poo, food prod­ucts, deter­gent, med­i­cine, supple-ments, spray cans, tooth­paste and cof­fee cans.

Not accepted are metal, Sty­ro­foam or clear lid cov­ers from drink­ing cups, pumps or sprayers, and any caps that are dirty.

Please rinse them out and bring them to Liholiho and we will be happy to recy­cle them. Please don’t throw them away. You can send them in with your child and label it: “To: Mrs. John­son” or place them in my mail­box in the school office.

Mar 052013


It looks as if we had some hardworking parents and students helping out in our beautiful garden on a warm Tuesday afternoon!  Thank you to the students and parents for coming out and breaking a sweat on a weekday, we very much appreciate it!! And thank you to Arlene Liao (newsletter editor) and Tony Consillio for their great pictures!


Garden Party – Feb. 26, 2013
Feb 122013

Isn’t it amazing how wonderful the garden beds look on campus?  The sunflowers are just so beautiful!  We’d like to continue enhancing the lovely area on Tue. Feb. 26 from 2:30 – 4:00P.

We will:

  • Harvest, compost and mulch the ‘AINA IS garden beds
  • Turn the compost piles
  • Build an outdoor garden hale
  • Light snacks and water will be provided (Please bring your own water bottles)

Items to bring:

  • Tools labeled with your name: shovel, bucket, hard rake, and wheelbarrow (if you have them)
  • Closed-toe shoes, hat, clothes that can get dirty, gloves
  • Sunscreen (we will be working out in the sun!)

To join in the fun, please click on the link below for more information and submit the form by Fri., Feb. 15!


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