Oct 282014

Just a friend­ly reminder that today is the CPK fundrais­er for Liholi­ho PTA.  If you decide to eat lunch or din­ner at the CPK Kaha­la loca­tion, please remem­ber to bring the fly­er with you today and 20% of the total bill will be donat­ed to Liholi­ho PTA from CPK.

We know some­times the wait is long, so if you feel a bit more tech-savvy and would like to cut down on your wait time, order your food online here:  http://www.cpk.com/order-online/.  Your food should be ready by the time you arrive!

Thank you in advance for your sup­port and if you don’t hap­pen to have your fly­er, please click below and print your­self out a copy!


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