Oct 282016

We are excited to announce the Fun Fair Dunk Tank Celebrities! They will be at the Fun Fair on Nov 5th at the times listed below. Come and try out your dunking skills! Dunk a teacher, vice-principal, coach, curriculum coordinator, or fun fair co-chairperson!

10:00am Mr. Marsh Kindergarten Teacher
10:30am Mr. Magnenat Grade 5 Teacher
11:00am Mr. Oide Vice Principal
11:30am Coach Kelly Majam-Elms Grades K-3 PE Teacher
12:00pm Mrs. Vea Grade 3 Teacher
12:30pm Mr. Towata Grade 4 Teacher
1:00pm Coach Tom Holden Grades 4-5 PE Teacher
1:30pm Mrs. Chang Curriculum Coordinator
2:00pm Mrs. Arakaki Kindergarten Teacher
2:30pm Mr. So PTA Fun Fair Co-Chair

Alternate: Mr. Nakashima (Technology)


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