Pictures from Service Group Field Trip and Read-a-thon Luncheon

Hel­lo Liholi­ho Ohana,

Hope you’re enjoy­ing the last week of school! We have a bunch of pic­tures to share with you. First, here are pic­tures from the ser­vice group field trip which was to Tiki’s Fam­i­ly Fun Cen­ter. Ser­vice groups include JPO’s, JOA’s (Junior Office Assis­tants), Stu­dent Coun­cil, and Peer Medi­a­tors. You will be proud to know that our Liholi­ho stu­dents were com­mend­ed by Tiki’s staff for their out­stand­ing behav­ior! So kudos to our stu­dents!

Service Group Field Trip Album cover

Next here’s a pic­ture of the Read-a-thon win­ners enjoy­ing a piz­za lunch and tak­ing a much deserved break from read­ing all those books!

Read-a-thon Lunch


    • Aletha on May 25, 2017 at 1:09 pm
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    Alex­is, front in the mid­dle in green was so tick­led to eat lunch with the prin­ci­pal. Where is Mrs. Small?

    1. Yes, Mrs. Small was there lunch­ing with the kids. Sor­ry she was not includ­ed in the pic­ture!

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