Aug 252015

Good morn­ing!

Below you will find the first edi­tion of the school newslet­ter for this year!  Thank you Cheryl, our newslet­ter edi­tor, for putting this togeth­er and thank you to all the teach­ers, staff, and PTA board mem­bers who have con­tributed their arti­cles.


Aug 212015

Hi every­one,

It’s been pret­ty hot and what bet­ter way is there to cool off than with some shave ice!  Kona Ice will be stop­ping by the school cam­pus again this Thurs­day Aug. 27 at 2:15PM.  If your child would like to pur­chase shave ice after school, please have them bring their mon­ey on that day!  A por­tion of the pro­ceeds from that day’s sales will be donat­ed to the Liholi­ho PTA.

Kona Ice Prices

  • Small — $3.00
  • Medi­um — $4.00
  • Large — $5.00
Aug 122015


Tomor­row, Kona Ice will be on cam­pus after­school to sell some cool shave ice. Pric­ing is as fol­lows:

Small — $3.00
Medi­um — $4.00
Large — $5.00

A por­tion of the pro­ceeds come back to the PTA, which ben­e­fits the school and its stu­dents.

There will also be a Kinder­garten Fam­i­ly Gath­er­ing on Thurs­day August 20, 2015. See the fly­er below for more infor­ma­tion.


Aug 122015

Who: Boys grades 1–5

What: Cub Scouts pro­vides fun fam­i­ly ori­ent­ed activ­i­ties: camp­ing, cit­i­zen­ship, char­ac­ter build­ing, pinewood der­by, Makahi­ki Day, hik­ing, canoe­ing, com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice, cook­ing, and more.

When: First pack meet­ing August 30th — 1 p.m. for new scouts and their fam­i­lies, 2 p.m. for all scouts

Why: Cub Scouts pro­vide qual­i­ty fam­i­ly time and char­ac­ter devel­op­ment. Great oppor­tu­ni­ty for boys to meet oth­er peo­ple, learn to get along, and mas­ter new skills.

Con­tact Rod Hatana­ka

Aug 082015

We hope that your child has enjoyed the first full week of school and that they are still excit­ed about their teach­ers, class­rooms, and friends!

The PTA will have their first fundrais­er this year on Thurs­day, August 13th at 2:15PM.  The Kona Ice truck will park on cam­pus and sell cool and refresh­ing shave ice to par­ents and kids alike!

Small — $3.00
Medi­um — $4.00
Large — $5.00

A por­tion of the sales will be donat­ed to the Liholi­ho Lauli­ma PTA and the monies raised go back to our school! So please remem­ber to safe­ly secure the mon­ey for your child if he/she would like a cool treat after a hot day in school!

Thank you!

Jul 282015

Good after­noon,

As you may all know, tomor­row is the first day of school! It is hard to believe how quick­ly sum­mer went by!

Please refrain from using 9th Ave. or 9th Ave. park­ing lot to drop off your child(ren).  JPOs and advis­ers will be locat­ed on 8th Ave.

Below are the new lunch menus for July 2015 and August 2015.  The new stu­dent lunch pric­ing is in the July 2015 lunch menu.

Have a great first day of school!

2015JulMenu 2015AugMenu

Jun 012015

Sor­ry to relay this mes­sage, but this is for all of you who plan on get­ting your favorite teach­ers and staff gifts for the end of the year.…

The state’s gift guide­lines pro­vide that the fol­low­ing are accept­able (these guide­lines may not apply for employ­ees whose offi­cial duties include pro­cure­ment):

  1. “Gifts of Alo­ha” — mod­est gifts of nom­i­nal val­ue tra­di­tion­al­ly giv­en as part of Hawai­ian cul­ture as a ges­ture of alo­ha or good­will such as a flower lei or a box of cook­ies to share with the office — and oth­er gifts of nom­i­nal val­ue such as small pro­mo­tion­al busi­ness items (e.g. pens with com­pa­ny logo).

  2. Meals and “Food and Drink” types of events val­ued at under $25.  (This lim­it applies to the whole event.)

In oth­er words, keep your gift val­ue $24.99 or less!

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