Ronald McDonald Assembly

Ronald McDon­ald stopped by school today to frown upon bul­ly­ing. He passed on some phras­es to the chil­dren, which hope­ful­ly all of them picked up on:

Be a good friend.
Believe in your­self.
Be a bud­dy not a bul­ly.

Thank you to Arlene L. (PTA Newslet­ter) for the pic­tures and sum­ma­ry!

Ronald McDon­ald Assem­bly — Novem­ber 14, 2013

Liholiho in the News!

Good morn­ing,

Mr. Towata’s math class was in the news last night!  The news sto­ry was about the tremen­dous growth of Hawaii’s pub­lic schools math scores.  If you missed it, that’s ok, just click on the Hawaii News Now link below and watch it at your con­ve­nience!

November Lunch Menu


We apol­o­gize for the delay in get­ting you this month’s lunch menu up! From what I hear, it is one of the more pop­u­lar posts here on the site! Thanks for stop­ping by and check­ing!


One Last Day: Festival of Giving Tickets

If you didn’t get a chance to pur­chase Fes­ti­val of Giv­ing Tick­ets for your­self or your fam­i­ly mem­bers this upcom­ing week­end, you still have one more chance tomor­row at 1:15PM — 2:00PM at the flag­pole close to the PCNC room! Thank you again for your sup­port!

Ward Center Festival of Giving 3-Day Sales Passports

Liholi­ho Lauli­ma PTA will be sell­ing Ward Cen­ter Fes­ti­val of Giv­ing 3-Day Sales Pass­ports by the PCNC room near the flag­pole on:

Tues­day Octo­ber 29 1:15 — 2:00 PM
Wednes­day Octo­ber 30 12:30 — 1:15 PM
Thurs­day Octo­ber 31 1:15 — 2:00 PM

You do not need to fill out an order form if you buy your pass­ports after school.

Each Pass­port sells for $10 with all of the mon­ey going to sup­port Liholi­ho Lauli­ma PTA. You can pay by cash or check made payable to Liholi­ho Lauli­ma PTA.

Movie Night and Festival of Giving Deadline Extended!

Thank you to all the fam­i­lies, teach­ers, and staff who par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Hal­loween parade and also stayed to watch “Hotel Tran­syl­va­nia”! We all hoped that you had a great time and we look for­ward to more fun-filled Liholi­ho PTA activ­i­ties!

Also, if you didn’t know, the Fes­ti­val of Giv­ing dead­line has been extend­ed. You can turn the the form by Wednes­day, Oct. 30th or vis­it the Liholi­ho table out­side of the PCNC room (near the flag­pole) dur­ing these hours:
Mon. Oct. 28 1:15 — 2:00PM
Tue. Oct. 29 1:15 — 2:00PM
Wed. Oct. 30 12:30 — 1:15PM
Thu. Oct. 31 1:15 — 2:00PM

Thank you!

Fes­ti­val of Giv­ing Fly­er — 10/24/2013

Hal­loween Movie Night and Parade


Friday reminders

Hi every­one,

Well, the first week of con­fer­ences are now wrap­ping up and we have a few reminders for you tomor­row!

1.) Don’t for­get to turn in your Ward Fes­ti­val of Giv­ing Form if you are order­ing tick­ets for your­selves or your fam­i­ly! Tomor­row is the last day!

2.) Movie Night is tomor­row! If your child is march­ing in the Hal­loween parade tomor­row night, please have them in cos­tume at 5:30PM in the cafe­te­ria. The parade will start prompt­ly at 5:45PM and Hotel Tran­syl­va­nia short­ly there­after.

3.) If your child is going to the SOEST field trip at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hawaii at Manoa, please make sure they have $10 to bring for food their lunch at Palo­lo McDon­alds on the way back to school.

Thank you!

Halloween Costume Swap

Thank you to Hin­da Dia­mond for once again mak­ing this year’s Hal­loween Cos­tume Swap a suc­cess!  The dropoff for the cos­tumes were on Thurs­day and Fri­day and today was the day to pick the cos­tume of your choice!

Thank you to Arlene Liao for the pic­tures!

Hal­loween Cos­tume Swap — Oct. 21, 2013

October Newsletter


Here is a copy of the Octo­ber newslet­ter!  Thank you and don’t for­get about the ear­ly release sched­ule for this week and the next!

Hap­py Hal­loween!


Thursday Folder Flyers, Costume Swap, and Early School Dismissal

Below, you will find links to most of the fly­ers that were in your child’s Thurs­day fold­er. One miss­ing fly­er is the Hal­loween Movie night and when it arrives, this page will be updat­ed.  UPDATE: The Movie Night Form is avail­able below.

Don’t for­get about the Hal­loween Cos­tume Swap Drop off which hap­pens today from 2:30 — 4:30PM and on Mon­day, the Swap will take place on 10/21 from 3:00 — 4:30PM in the library.

Also next week is the start of ear­ly release due to the Par­ent Teacher Con­fer­ences!  You can refer to the Par­ent Teacher Con­fer­ence link below for dis­missal times.

Thank you!

Hal­loween Cos­tume Swap
Par­ent Teacher Con­fer­ence Dis­missal
Hal­loween Lit­er­a­cy Parade
Fes­ti­val of Giv­ing Order Form
Movie Night Form

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