Apr 022013


This is just a reminder to turn in your logs and pledges by tomor­row, Wednes­day, April 3!  Thank you all for par­tic­i­pat­ing and we look for­ward to report­ing the results short­ly!

Apr 022013

Hi every­one!

Today is the last day of nom­i­na­tions and we are cur­rent­ly still look­ing for a PTA Trea­sur­er to assist us for the next two years!

If you or any­one you know would be inter­est­ed in join­ing the board as trea­sur­er or you have any ques­tions, please con­tact us here or email us at nominations@liholiholaulima.org.

Bal­lots will be dis­trib­uted in your child’s Thurs­day fold­er, so please keep an eye out for them!

Thank you!

Nom­i­na­tions Com­mit­tee



Mar 312013

Good morn­ing every­one!

We hope you are all enjoy­ing your 3 day week­end!  This is a friend­ly reminder that today is the last day of the read-a-thon!  Thank you so much for par­tic­i­pat­ing and we hope that your child enjoyed read­ing their books for the past two weeks!

Please turn in your read­ing log, pledge sheet, and pledges by Wednes­day, April 3, 2012!

Thanks again and should you have any ques­tions, please feel free to con­tact us!

Mar 272013

Wel­come back to school!

Tomor­row (3/28/2013) is McTeacher’s Night at the Palo­lo McDonald’s (3254 Waialae Avenue) between the hours of 5:00PM — 8:00PM.  Come see Mrs. Small and the Liholi­ho teacher crew work hard to help raise funds for our school!  The PTA will receive 15–20% of all pur­chas­es dur­ing our event!

Thank you for your sup­port!

Mar 152013

When: Thurs­day March 28, 2013 from 5:00 PM — 8:00 PM

Where: The Palo­lo McDonald’s, 3254 Waialae Avenue

Mem­bers of our Liholi­ho Ele­men­tary School staff will be serv­ing you whether you eat inside or use the dri­ve-thru!

Liholi­ho Lauli­ma PTA will receive 15–20% of all pur­chas­es dur­ing our event, so have din­ner with us and bring your fam­i­ly and friends!

We also need fam­i­lies to to help moti­vate peo­ple to buy food dur­ing our Liholi­ho McTeacher’s Night by vol­un­teer­ing to stand in front of McDonald’s with the Liholi­ho School ban­ner.  If you are able to vol­un­teer, please fill out the form and return it to school by Wed. Mar. 27th!  Thank you and have a fun and safe Spring Break!

McTeachers  McTeachersJ

Mar 142013

For those of you who may have missed it, we do have a treat for you!  Goldilocks & the 3 Bears — Liholi­ho Style was per­formed last night at the March Gen­er­al Mem­ber­ship meet­ing by our tal­ent­ed teach­ers and staff! Thank you for giv­ing the Kinder­garten­ers and their par­ents a good chuck­le last night!

Nar­ra­tor & Sto­ry Writer — Mrs. Christi­na Small (Prin­ci­pal)
Papa Bear — Mr. Peter Nakashima (Com­put­er teacher)
Mama Bear — Mr. Fred Mag­ne­nat (Gr. 5)
Baby Bear — Ms. Katie Muller (Gr. K)
Voice of Goldilocks — Ms. Lori Shimizu (ELL)
Goldilocks — Ms. Lind­say Robi­son (Gr. 1)

Enjoy and apolo­gies for the poor video qual­i­ty!

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears — Liholi­ho Style from Liholi­ho Lauli­ma on Vimeo.

Liholiho’s ren­di­tion of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears, writ­ten by Mrs. Christi­na Small!

Mar 142013

Good morn­ing!

Thank you for attend­ing the PTA Gen­er­al Mem­ber­ship Meet­ing yes­ter­day!  Last night, our Fundrais­ing Com­mit­tee announced that we raised near­ly $9,000 with our Liholi­ho Super Coupon books!  Thank you too all par­ents, aun­ties, uncles, etc. for your sup­port!  There will also be a Read-a-thon which will run from March 14th — 31st, rewards will include Lunch with Mrs. Small and Class­room Incen­tives!  So look for that fly­er in today’s Thurs­day fold­er.

The Nom­i­na­tions Com­mit­tee also did a short pre­sen­ta­tion request­ing par­ents to sub­mit nom­i­nees for 5 open PTA posi­tions.

  • Mem­ber­ship (VP1)
  • Fundrais­ing (VP5)
  • Trea­sur­er
  • Sec­re­tary
  • May Gen­er­al Mem­ber­ship Meet­ing Chair­per­son

By join­ing the PTA, you will learn A LOT of what goes on “behind the scenes” and be able to have your voice heard regard­ing stu­dent and school issues.  We are also have a lot of fun at the once a month meet­ings!  If you do have any ques­tions, please don’t hes­i­tate to ask a PTA mem­ber you may see on cam­pus or just email us at nominations@liholiholaulima.org.  We’d be more than hap­py to answer your ques­tions!

Below, you will find a PTA nom­i­na­tion form to fill out (it will also be sent home in today’s fold­er).  If you or any­one you know would be inter­est­ed in join­ing the PTA, please fill it out and turn this form into your child’s teacher!  Thank you very much!



Mar 112013

Good morn­ing!

We are look­ing for some ener­getic, enthu­si­as­tic peo­ple to join our PTA board for the next two
school years! As a board mem­ber, you will learn a lot about cur­rent school events as well as assist
in the plan­ning and prepa­ra­tion of PTA spon­sored events (movie night, mem­ber­ship meet­ings,
fundrais­ing, etc.).

The PTA board meets once a month (usu­al­ly the 2nd Tues­day) for about 2 hours or so. We cur­rent­ly
have a great group of par­ents on board and not only do we dis­cuss impor­tant school issues, we do
have a bit of fun as well. So, lead your child(ren) by exam­ple and become a com­mu­ni­ty con­trib­u­tor
in the Liholi­ho Lauli­ma PTA Board.

We cur­rent­ly are look­ing for:
Elect­ed Posi­tions

  • Fundrais­ing (VP5)
  • Mem­ber­ship (VP1)
  • Trea­sur­er
  • Sec­re­tary

Appoint­ed Posi­tions

  • May Gen­er­al Mem­ber­ship Meet­ing Chair­per­son

If you are curi­ous about the board posi­tions and what we do, come and join the next PTA board meet­ing on Tues­day, March 12, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. in the library!

Please don’t be shy and nom­i­nate your­self OR some­one you know that would be an excel­lent can­di­date for the posi­tions. To reach us with any ques­tions or nom­i­na­tions you may have, you can con­tact us here: http://liholiholaulima.org/wp/?page_id=39 or you can send email to nominations@liholiholaulima.org.

Thank you!

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