May 062013


If you already haven’t done so, please turn in your nom­i­na­tion form to your child’s teacher as soon as you can!  If you don’t recall, it was sent to all PTA mem­bers with­in a white enve­lope that you need to sign before return­ing.  The enve­lope con­tained a blue bal­lot form to vote in our next PTA board.

We need a few more to make quo­rum and would appre­ci­ate your help.  If you have any ques­tions, please feel free to ask and thank you for your assis­tance!


Apr 302013

Good morn­ing!

We do have some good news!  The Hawaii 5–2-1–0 Kei­ki Run, which was held on President’s Day week­end, raised a total of $1,485.00 for the school PE pro­gram!  There was a total of 99 par­tic­i­pants in the school!

The total amount was the third high­est among all the schools who par­tic­i­pat­ed in the events!  Thank you all for get­ting a good work­out and help­ing Liholi­ho out with much need­ed funds for the Mr. Holden’s phys­i­cal edu­ca­tion pro­gram!


Apr 232013

Good morn­ing,

If any­one is inter­est­ed,  tonight is the new episode of “Sports Peo­ple Hawaii” which fea­ture Kel­ly Majam and pos­si­bly some of the Mrs. Kaya’s Gr. 1 stu­dents from Liholi­ho.

The show will be on OC16 (ch. 12 or 1012) and I believe that the show starts at 7:30P.

Thank you!

Apr 182013

Good morn­ing!

You will be receiv­ing a fly­er in your child’s fold­er today titled “Live Well & Eat Right”.  This will be the final PTA Gen­er­al Mem­ber­ship Meet­ing of the year and we will be tak­ing care of PTA busi­ness (elec­tion and fundrais­ing results) as well as enjoy­ing a great spaghet­ti din­ner and a Bou­tique Sale in the Library!  On the fly­er is the Spaghet­ti Din­ner Order form, please fill it in and turn it in ASAP as it is only lim­it­ed to the first 100 din­ners.

There is also an EARLY BIRD dona­tion of $10 to get a full 30 minute head start before oth­er shop­pers at the Bou­tique Sale, which will fea­ture name brand sec­onds for women, men, & chil­dren!

We will also be treat­ed to a won­der­ful per­for­mance by the 2nd graders!  Thank you to the stu­dents and teach­ers for work­ing so hard!  And should you have any ques­tions regard­ing the event, please feel free to con­tact us.

Thank you!


Apr 122013

Good morn­ing!

This past Wednes­day, Liholi­ho was vis­it­ed by Howard Dashef­sky who hosts a show on OC16 called “Sports Peo­ple Hawaii”.  They were there to inter­view Kel­ly Majam stu­dent teach­ing at the school and Mrs. Kaya’s grade 1 class was for­tu­nate enough to be part of this tap­ing.

Ms. Majam was also inter­viewed for the Leahy and Leahy show on that same day.

Here are the air dates for the shows:

Have a good week­end!

Apr 022013


This is just a reminder to turn in your logs and pledges by tomor­row, Wednes­day, April 3!  Thank you all for par­tic­i­pat­ing and we look for­ward to report­ing the results short­ly!

Apr 022013

Hi every­one!

Today is the last day of nom­i­na­tions and we are cur­rent­ly still look­ing for a PTA Trea­sur­er to assist us for the next two years!

If you or any­one you know would be inter­est­ed in join­ing the board as trea­sur­er or you have any ques­tions, please con­tact us here or email us at

Bal­lots will be dis­trib­uted in your child’s Thurs­day fold­er, so please keep an eye out for them!

Thank you!

Nom­i­na­tions Com­mit­tee



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