Matson Beach Clean-up (at Oneula Beach Park)


Step 1. Sign up online here (fol­low instruc­tions at top of form):

Step 2. After fill­ing out the form, please print out the waiv­er (each attendee must sub­mit a waiv­er): Mat­son Waiv­er Form

Step 3. Turn in com­plet­ed waivers to your child’s teacher. Please write the teacher’s name and room num­ber at the top of the waiv­er form.

(If you have prob­lems with sign­ing up, please con­tact

For direc­tions to Oneu­la Beach Park, click here:
What to bring: cov­ered shoes, sun­screen, bottle/flask with water, trash grab­bers, fish­ing nets to sift rub­bish from the sand, and a smile! Gloves and trash bags will be pro­vid­ed.
Don’t for­get to wear your Liholi­ho School T-shirts.
Par­ents will be respon­si­ble for super­vi­sion of their chil­dren.

Beach Clean-up fly­er:
Beach Clean Up

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