Chuck E. Cheese Night Fundraiser

Chuck E. Cheese and Ken Aronowitz

Chuck E Cheese con­grat­u­lates Liholi­ho School which set a new fundrais­ing record at the Dilling­ham loca­tion by rais­ing a whop­ping total of $862 on Liholi­ho Night!  Thank you to every­one who came by last night and we all hope your fam­i­lies had a great time!

Liholiho Welcome Video

Here is the Liholi­ho wel­come video that was shown on the Wel­come Back to School event on July 25, 2012. This won­der­ful video was pro­duced by David & Shay­na (Evan) Kusumo­to.  Click play and enjoy!

Liholi­ho Pro­mo Vimeo from David Kusumo­to on Vimeo.

Flash Mob

Stu­dents were treat­ed to a flash mob per­formed by the Liholi­ho teach­ers and staff at their final WOW assem­bly on May 23, 2012! See if you can spot your student’s teacher!

Liholi­ho Teach­ers and Staff Flash Mob from Liholi­ho Lauli­ma on Vimeo.